Detox – Is it the Same for All Addictions? What to Know


When you come face to face with the possibility of having to do detox, you might be wondering if it’s the same for every addiction. In the community of alcohol and drug abuse, it’s not uncommon to hear lots of horror stories about the first few days of getting clean and sober. We often believe that our addiction won’t be as hard to get clean from, but the reality is that we tell ourselves these things because we are just afraid.

While recovery is a long-term thing, it’s often the prospect of suffering through withdrawal symptoms that makes us turn away from getting clean and sober and starting treatment. Nobody wants to have to feel like they are dying, but in many cases, this is just how detox can feel.

Understanding the different types of detox

If you’re going to have to go through detox, you might be thinking that having a good idea of what yours will be like will help you brace for the worst. In some cases, this is completely true. In others, though, the only thing you’re doing is setting yourself up for disappointment.

A good example is when people choose to compare addictions and recovery experiences. It’s often like comparing alcohol detox with ketamine detox. The two might be similar in that you’re going through a period of time where you are not exposed to the source of your addiction. You might be sick with both, but the severity and degree of that sickness will likely vary with many different factors.

Sifting through and minimizing discomfort

IF you’re going to have to go through detox, you know it’s the first step in getting clean and sober. It’s recovery. It sucks, but it’s real. However, you should know that you can minimize much of the risk, distress and discomfort of the process.

Detox facilities are equipped to help you ease some of the worst withdrawal symptoms. They also have a trained medical staff that takes care of the essentials, like hydration, so you don’t suffer additional consequences of these problems. This way, you can just focus on getting better and healing.

In the end, there are lots of different detox options to consider. If you have to go through it anyway, why not make sure that the process is as comfortable as it can be? No two experiences are the same, but you can make yours better by choosing to enlist the help of trained medical professionals.