Depression May Be Calling You To a Spiritual Awakening

Do your emotions have a spiritual meaning?

When you are swimming in negative emotions more often than you’d like, you might wonder why. Depression is very common these days. Does your continual sadness have any real meaning? Why do you feel so rotten? I mean, you don’t want to, right?

Not everything goes as planned

I used to read about how there was a spiritual meaning to emotions and I would get upset because I felt like I’d tried to allow them to be the springboard into some great spiritual moment, but that moment never came.  At least it did not come on my timing.  Part of life is just accepting the fact that not everything occurs when we want it to.

Does emotional turmoil or perhaps even our addictions really make us more spiritual? Do we really become stronger and more loving? Do we have to suffer negatively before we can really start to grow? These are questions that are not easy to answer.

Spirituality is essentially a quest for a meaning greater than just existing on this earth in this shell we call a body. It’s deeper than that. The quest for spiritual meaning is inherent to every person on the planet. Some people, when suffering intensely from things like addiction, depression, anxiety, etc., will end up going to see a therapist and some of them will be told that their symptoms are due to something deeper. Perhaps a calling from deep to deep, beckoning for a new path toward healing and awakening.

Is something more nagging at your soul?

I believe it to be that we all have a chance to reach that point.  Not everyone has a mental breakdown, but sooner or later an inner wrestling or unsettling occurs. Old wounds begin to surface. The feeling that there’s “something more” nags at your soul. For those who numb out by drinking or drugging, there may come a time when the “high” no longer satisfies. They’ll be searching for something more.

When you really begin to sense this, it is a great time to tune into your emotions and view them as a stepping stone to experience more love for yourself and others. It’s like your negative emotions are multiple layers surrounding your inner being; your core and it is when you break through these layers you can finally experience and revel in the magnificent light and love that you are!

Emotions do play a role in your awakening

It is when you get quiet and listen to them that you will gain much insight about yourself and your divinity. You may just begin a new path toward a new understanding of yourself, life, and a higher power. It’s certainly something to think about.