Deep and Connected Face to Face Relationships – Why You Need Them


Deep and connected face to face relationships might be one of the most important aspects of overcoming an addiction, but many people don’t really understand the value of them until they live without them. The thing is that it might be loneliness that drives a good share of your addiction, and in order to enjoy a strong and healthy recovery journey, you may just find that filling the void of people and caring in your life can make a big difference.

Why might this be the case, though, and what can a strong, connected relationship do for you in your life and your recovery journey?

As it turns out, there are many benefits to being emotionally connected to others at all times in our lives.

  • Knowing that you’re not alone. We all want to have others to share things with. We want to know that others care about us. We are social creatures, so having a place to fit in and call our own can be really powerful. When you have a strong connection with others, you will have the feeling of belonging somewhere, and that can help to ease a lot of the loneliness you might have been experiencing in the past.
  • Having a purpose. Nothing gives us a sense of purpose like belonging to a group. If you’re connected, you’re probably busy doing things to help strengthen those bonds and make the group stronger. Even if it’s planning your next sober outing or retreat, these times can leave you feeling connected and full of purpose, and purpose is necessary for a healthy recovery.
  • Enjoying a growing feeling of love. There is no denying that love, in all its many forms, is one of the most positive emotions you can have. When you’re feeling love, you’re likely to want to grow that, whether it’s a friendship, parenting, for siblings, or a new romance, we want to spend time with that person. We begin to hope for the future, and we start to make plans beyond what’s just happening for the day-to-day. It gives us something to look forward to and enjoy, and loving others can also help them love us, and when others love us, we begin to enjoy a greater sense of self-love.
  • More joy than being all alone. When you’re alone, you might feel joy from a beautiful day, but that joy can be short-lived when something bad happens or when you realize you don’t have anyone to share these things with. Deep, connected, face to face relationships can give you more joy because you’re able to celebrate the good times together. Not to mention that you begin to see how a group feeling joy can make it all the more intense and powerful.

Why So Many Who Are Addicted Are Lacking These Important Relationships

Many of us wonder why so many who are struggling with addictions are lacking these relationships and for good reason. Why would anyone choose to abandon a family member? So many of us ask this until we’re faced with the tough situation that a loved one’s addiction can bring about. We don’t choose to abandon, but we don’t know how to help, and we get beaten down in the process. Because of this, many people who know and love addicts choose to distance themselves, when really, this can be more harmful to our loved ones than keeping them connected.

The truth is, though, addiction causes people to do some really terrible things. It costs a ton of money, and if you’re not handing it out, you might find your loved one takes it from you anyway. You might find that you’re physically harmed, and definitely emotionally harmed by a loved one’s addiction, and this is part of the reason why so many who struggle with addictions are left lonely and lacking the very important deep connected face to face relationships that they need.

It’s not the addict’s fault directly, and it’s not the family’s fault, it’s just an inability to deal with the negativities that addictions tend to breed.

Regaining these Connections

One of the first things that many addiction treatment specialists are trying to do for their clients is to help them see those in their lives that love them and encourage them to redevelop that connection. In addition, many counselors and therapists are starting to encourage the most important people in an addict’s life to participate in some of the sessions.

It helps loved ones and addicts to begin to better understand each other and express their emotions, both bad and good in a safe environment, and the hope is that these sessions open a line of communication that might have been previously closed.

In rehab, clients are encouraged to begin building tentative friendships and connections through group therapy sessions, and with others in treatment that can serve as mentors, and eventually friends. These people often build really strong connections that have been so mutually beneficial. In many cases, these bonds last for years.

Regaining connections can help us to feel like we matter again. Like despite our addictions and the things we have done, we are people that deserve to be loved and deserve to love. In lots of cases, it is these connections that talk a person off the ledge of relapse, and that keeps them going day after day in sobriety.

When you consider the fact that for people who don’t have addictions, their connected relationships are the most important thing they have, it makes sense that those who are addicted would feel the same. In fact, many who are addicted report that all they really want is to be accepted – despite what they do.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It’s important to know that deep and connected face to face relationships don’t happen overnight, and they aren’t always going to happen at all. In fact, without effort, many who are trying to make connections find that they just can’t. However, when the effort is made, there is usually someone willing to start connecting right back.

Addiction treatment is one of the best ways for a person struggling with an addiction to begin building relationships and repairing the ones that they have damaged. In this way, a therapist or counselor can help to lay much of the difficult groundwork toward rebuilding a damaged relationship, and often, group therapy meetings can go a long way toward helping people to find others that they want to begin getting to know.

In this way, it is one of the reasons why so many people who are enjoying a strong and healthy recovery journey feel that their addiction treatment program was the most helpful thing they could do when it came to getting started living clean and sober.

If you’re struggling with an addiction, and you’re lonely and feel like you don’t have anyone, it might be time to consider finding a way to help you rebuild your damaged relationships and start creating new ones that really matter to you. Consider the fact that a great rehab can be your first step, and even if you aren’t totally sure that you want to quit your addiction right now, this is going to be one way to build a whole new list of healthy, recovering friends that get you and understand you.

Then, when you’re ready, give us at Elite Rehab Placement a call. We get you now, and we want to help you start enjoying deep connected face to face relationships again. When you contact us, our insurance specialist will help you to understand your coverage and what you might have to pay. Even if you don’t have insurance, though, give us a call. We can help you with other ways to cover the cost of your stay in treatment.

Once you’ve talked to one of our addiction specialists, we’ll find the right kinds of rehab for your personality, your needs, and your addiction so you get started feeling like you’re right where you belong. If you change your mind, no worries. It doesn’t cost you anything and there is absolutely no obligation.

However, if you’re ready, we’re ready, so why not give us a call today and find out how wonderful every relationship in recovery can be?