Deadliest Drugs – Why You Need to Overcome Heroin


By now, you probably know that you need to overcome heroin. You probably know that it’s no good to be using, and even if you only use it recreationally, you are probably well-aware of the dangers of continued heroin abuse. You might have experienced difficulty keeping your use under control, or you might know lots of people that have experienced overdoses lately.

You likely know that heroin is simply a dangerous drug. You probably know that it’s actually deadly, and it’s pretty likely that you’ve moved from using heroin once in a while to using it more often than not. You may even be addicted to it by now, so quitting it might take a bit of work.

In fact, if you’re like many people who abuse heroin, if you haven’t gotten to the point that you hate it, you probably won’t even consider quitting it. The trouble is, the longer you continue to use, the worse your addiction is going to get.

Okay, if you’re rolling your eyes and telling the screen that “It’s not even like that,” we hear you. We know where you are, because, well, we’ve been there, too.

Reasons to Overcome Heroin Addiction

Do us a favor though, and just keep reading about why you need to overcome heroin. Some of the reasons might be relatable, others might open your eyes a bit.

  • Your health is starting to suffer. Now, don’t say that you’re fine because you’re not. Have you noticed that you’re looking a little tired, gaunt, or sick lately? This is your appearance starting to show your heroin use. Plus, did you know that problems like constipation can cause you to throw up and get really sick? Did you know that abusing heroin can make it easier to get things like pneumonia, and infections around your heart? It can happen without you even knowing it’s happening, which is even scarier.
  • Work is becoming a problem, and that’s if you even have a job. Some people can hide their heroin abuse very well, but over time, it gets more and more difficult. Once you lose your job, it can be really hard to find a new one while you’re using. Not only that, but any place that does drug tests might be out of consideration. The thing is, work is just an annoying thing that you have to do to make a living these days, and that makes it a problem.
  • You’re broke as a joke or at least burning resources. If you’re one of the lucky ones that have a lot of resources to start with, you probably know how hard they were to establish. Even people who live off a trust fund find that it’s easy to get out of control and diminish their hard saved cash reserves when they are using heroin. If you didn’t have many resources to start, well, you’re probably feeling the pinch, and if that’s taking from your responsibilities, it’s time to take a good look at kicking your heroin habit.
  • You’re starting to look like the stereotypical “junkie.” This one’s really sad, because we know there’s much more to you than meets the eye, but unfortunately, the way you look says a lot to people who don’t know you. You’re almost a skeleton because eating is just a pain. You’re not taking those essential showers, and making it a point to look decent? Well, who needs it, right? Now, take a good look at your veins. Many people don’t shoot heroin, but many people do. If you’re one of them, look at your arms. Look at your legs. Take a good look at those scars that your addiction is leaving behind.
  • You can wind up with hepatitis C or HIV. That sounds pretty miserable because even though these illnesses might not kill you today, managing them can be extremely expensive, and hard. Either way, leaving these illnesses untreated can dramatically shorten your life.
  • Heroin is laced with all kinds of stuff that you don’t want to mess with. So, what if you just want heroin? Do you know for sure that your dealer hasn’t added a bit of fentanyl? Usually, the answer is no – until Signs of Heroin Addictionyou overdose and it takes extra Naloxone to bring you out of it.
  • You’re in legal trouble. If you aren’t, you probably will see it happen at some point. You need to know that heroin possession carries some pretty serious charges, and getting out of the system once you’ve been put into it can be a challenge, too. It’s best just to avoid the legal trouble and overcome heroin addiction now.
  • You’re not even getting high anymore. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why you need to overcome heroin – you’re simply not even able to get high anymore and you have to use all the time. It’s depressing, really, because your body keeps telling you that you want more and more, but your brain just wants to be set free.

When it’s Time to Make that Change

When it’s time to make a change and start overcoming your addiction to heroin, you might find that you need some help. Heroin abuse is a pretty serious issue, so it makes sense that you’re going to want to consider seeking some type of addiction treatment to help you get started living an addiction-free life.

Not only that but don’t just assume that you only fit one type of treatment. Sometimes, you can do really well in an intensive outpatient rehab, but others times, the constant care of an inpatient addiction treatment facility can be much more effective for your needs. It will largely depend on factors like how long you’ve been using, how severe your addiction is, and whether or not you can manage to take the time out of your life to check in and stay there.

Either way, you’re going to want to know your options. You’ll want to know what kind of treatment will work well for you, and what your options are when it comes to your finances. That’s why we’re here. Our goal is to help everyone in your position to get the addiction treatment they need when they decide that they are ready.

We have insurance experts that specialize in digging into health insurance policies and determining what kind of coverage you’re going to have. We have treatment specialists who will talk to you and get to know you, and help you to decide what type of addiction treatment will work best for your individual needs, and then we put everything together to help match you up with addiction rehabs that accept your insurance, and are a good match to your recovery needs.

Don’t let the scary idea of finding a great rehab scare you away from addiction treatment. Give us a call instead and see how we can help you to start living the addiction-free life you’ve been wanting. It’s confidential, there is no cost to you, and there is never any obligation, so what have you go to lose?