The Dark Side of Party Life – More Dangerous than Just A Good Time


club drug addictionThe dark side of party life can be a lot more dangerous than many people realize. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to go out and have a good time and return to normal life, it’s pretty likely that you never really realize just how bad things can get.

The thing is, sometimes, we get caught up in these darker aspects of having a good time, and then a party just isn’t a party anymore.

Sexual Assault Fueled by and/or Assisted By Substances and Alcohol

We’ve all heard of those trysts or one-knight-flings that leave us feeling no small amount of regret and dismay at our bad behavior. In these cases, it’s pretty common to ask ourselves what we were thinking. However, when you’re stuck in a party life, a consensual, if not the smartest, liaison is the least of your worries.

Often, when we’re having a good time, we let our guard down. When we’re drinking or using substances, that guard that naturally goes down can go even further, and that can become a problem when people have bad intentions. Our trust can cause us to become the victims of these bad intentions either by being convinced to do things that we really don’t want to. Or, worse in many cases, we can be sexually assaulted with the help of certain substances. Often, this comes in the form of substances being added to drinks, so the victim unknowingly ingests them and often becomes the target of any number of devious sexual acts.

This is just one aspect of the dark side of party life, but for many, it is, hands down, the very worst.

Substance or Alcohol Overdose or Poisoning

You know those all-night parties that people go to where they take all kinds of substances to make the whole experience that might brighter and more powerful? You know how these people are jumping around all night long and don’t seem to stop? Well, sometimes, these substances, often some form of Ecstasy, can cause extreme dehydration, and even cause your whole body to overheat.

This is fairly common with today’s party scene, though, because many of the substances that people take to intensify their party experience heat them up and wear their bodies down.

When many of the commonly used party drugs are used, and then combined with alcohol, there can be problems like poisoning from the interactions. In fact, what we often see as overdoses at some of the bigger party events is actually poisoning from people taking things that have shady ingredients.

Since emergency personnel has no idea what’s gone into these substances, they don’t always know how to effectively treat cases of poisoning. However, many dealers make their own types of party drugs, so what you’re getting is never a sure thing.

In fact, if you really knew what went into many of the party drugs that you choose to take, you might not be so quick to pop so many of them.


Another of the really common dark sides of the party life is what happens when people can’t seem to stop the party and go home and live their lives. It is not uncommon to find that those who started innocently enough, in search of an even bigger good time, wind up hooked on the substances they commonly use when they go out. It seems that too much of a good thing is never quite so good, and in this case, an addiction is likely the end result.

However, it doesn’t start out seeming so bad. You use a little, have a great time, and the next night you do it again. If you do this too many times, though, it turns out that physical dependence can develop pretty quickly. It would be fine if you decided that you were just going to stop and never wanted to go out again, but it’s so much fun to see your people, and dance and go crazy.

In comes your emotional attachment because a night out never quite seems so colorful or rich when you’re not using your doc. By now, alcohol is just something you use to loosen up, but the real fun comes when you meet your dealer and let loose.

Now, since you’re both emotionally attached and you feel like you need your drug of choice to function, you’re addicted. So, the dark side of party life has knocked on your door, and it has left you waiting for night after night, so you can feel normal again.

Now That You See the Dark Side of Party Life, Do You Really Want to Stay There?

Many people are affected by the dark side of the party life but just aren’t quite ready to cut ties with it. It’s exciting and bright and beautiful. Everyone is friendly and everyone loves everyone. It’s a wonderful thing for those who get into it. Many who feel like they are misfits everywhere else find that they truly belong in this world, and that makes choosing to leave it harder than ever.

It’s likely going to take some time for you to see that you truly have an issue, but when you do, you’re likely to be in a pretty lonely place, because at the end of it, many people that you party with and have fun with will eventually leave the scene. They will move on, get good jobs, get married, have kids, build lives that don’t involve all the dark and dirty that the party life involves.

But someday, when you’re feeling like you’re really alone and you have nobody on your side, you’re going to decide that it’s time to change. And when that day comes, we will be here to help you find the addiction treatment options you need to help you get out of this current situation and start living a bright, happy, healthy life again.

We know how scary it can be to have to face the fact that the dark side of party life has finally caught up with you, and we know how amazing things can be when you choose a great addiction treatment program that will help you to overcome your addiction and embrace a whole new life. We know how hard finding that perfect addiction treatment option can be, though, and we’re going to help you through.

We’ll talk about options that will work for your needs. We’ll discuss what kind of time you have, what your responsibilities are, and your likes and dislikes. All this will help us to match you up with an amazing rehab that helps you to truly start overcoming your addiction and break free of the dark side of party life.

The best part is that we even help you with the tough stuff, like financing, so you can sit back and relax knowing that we’ve got your back.

If you’re ready to break free from the dark side of party life, why not give us a call? We’ll help you to get started on the road to a truly beautiful recovery journey.