Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs – Prescription Opioids

Suicide Dual DiagnosisWhen you’re in pain, you certainly are more receptive to receiving and using a pain pill prescription. After all, living in pain can become quite a daunting experience. However, not everyone is aware of the dangers of prescription opioids.  Yes, they sure can help relieve pain, but there are also quite a few dangers associated with them.

There is an abundance of pain pill addiction going on in the United States these days. In fact, some estimate that about 75 percent of Americans are affected by pain pills in some way. We live in a society that thrives on chronic stress and that stress can cause a lot of emotional and physical pain; thus, more people are apt to head to the doctor to get a prescription for pain pills.

On top of stress, chronic illness is growing at an ever-steady rate.  Some estimate that about 50 percent of the population is dealing with some sort of chronic illness, be it diabetes, an auto-immune disorder, mental health issues, and so on. People oftentimes run to the doctor right away in the hopes that a pill will cure them in no time, but that’s not necessarily the way it works.

The danger associated with this is that pain pills are very addictive, with Oxycontin and Hydrocodone being the most commonly abused narcotics.  If used with the doctor’s recommendation, these can be helpful, but if you use pain pills more often than prescribed or continue to use pain pills when your pain is gone, you’re headed for an addiction.  It’s not that people want to become addicted, but the reality is that many do find themselves dependent in a short amount of time.

Alternative pain management

Chances are you’ve been prescribed pain medication before. And even if you have it, perhaps a loved one has. While pain medication can be a godsend, it should not be thought of as a long-term solution for pain. In today’s technological age, there are alternative forms of pain reduction being invented all of the time. It’s worth checking into some of these before thinking of taking pain medication long-term. You can always talk to your doctor about this or do your research when it comes to alternative pain management.

How do painkillers work?

Pain pills are derived from opiates, which are known for blocking the effects of pain that the brain would normally feel.  Opiates have a pain relieving effect on the central nervous system, so when you take a pain pill, instead of your receptors letting you know you’re experiencing pain, that pain signal is blocked and instead you get a feeling of euphoria.

As you can imagine, that feeling of euphoria along with the absence of pain is what makes pain pills so addicting. This is one of the great dangers of prescription opioids.

What are the signs of pain pill addiction?

Addiction is one the dangers of prescription opioids. It’s wise to gauge whether you’ve got an addiction to pain pills or not. If not you, perhaps you have a loved one who is displaying signs of addiction. Here are the most common warning signs of pain pill addiction:

  • You begin relying on pain pills to make you feel better emotionally.
  • You take more than the doctor prescribed.
  • You get angry when you run out.
  • You see different doctors to obtain more pain pill prescriptions.
  • You get defensive when someone gets concerned about your pain pill use.
  • You begin missing work because you are tired from taking pills.
  • You isolate.
  • You steal pills from family and friends.
  • You obsess about how many pills you have left and get agitated thinking they are almost gone.
  • You experience a blackout.
  • Stealing pain pills from other people
  • Experiencing blackouts
  • Taking pain pills to cope with life’s stressful issues

Do you see yourself in some of these symptoms? Or perhaps you notice a loved one struggling with some of these? If so, it’s time to get very honest with yourself and admit that there could be an addiction going on. After all, one of the greatest dangers of prescription opioids is the fact that it’s rather easy to become dependent upon it. There’s no shame in admitting this, and the more people that do so can help the population in general. When one person steps forth in their truth, it gives others the courage to step out in their truth.

The dangers of prescription opioids: Side effects

There are certainly side effects and dangers of taking pain pills, including headaches, fatigue, dry mouth, loss of consciousness, seizures, and perhaps death as overdose does occur more frequently than you think.

Many people die every day because of an overdose of prescription pain medications. The opiate epidemic is something that we can ignore any longer. Though substance abuse professionals and law enforcement are doing what they can, it hasn’t been enough. People need to be informed and educated about the dangers of prescription Drug Detoxopioids.

Pain pill detox

If you think you have an addiction to pain pills, it is best if you reach out for help via a pain pill detox or rehab center. There you will be able to be weaned off of pain pills and given the professional treatment that you require in order to get clean.  You will receive individual counseling that will educate you on the nature of addiction, help you learn positive coping skills, relaxation skills, and create a treatment plan that is specialized for you.

How Suboxone treatment helps addicts

Suboxone is actually a combination of two medications – naloxone and buprenorphine. Each of these has consequences for opioid receptors in your body. These receptors absorb the average impacts (and the Suboxone symptoms) of taking pills like morphine, codeine, and heroin. The receptors come in a few sub-sorts, with the most significant being the mu, kappa, and delta and both the naloxone and buprenorphine in Suboxone have an alternate impact.

Naloxone obstructs the focal sensory system impacts of opiates and is handy to treat overdose when there is a danger of trance state or demise from the concealment of the breathing reflex. It is ordinarily utilized for this and has spared numerous lives. However, it must be infused, as taking it orally doesn’t take into consideration assimilation. This implies that addicts with Suboxone dependence who attempt to crush Suboxone to get high will endure the impacts of the naloxone and may even go into withdrawal.

The other ingredient, buprenorphine, has an impact much like heroin or morphine, but to a lesser degree. It can help heroin addicts come off of heroin due because it helps lessen the withdrawal symptoms. The thought is like utilizing methadone treatment – despite the fact that the addict is still dependent, the Suboxone habit is less destructive than infusing heroin.

There are dangers when it comes to Suboxone

An issue comes in when somebody who isn’t under a doctor’s forethought begins utilizing Suboxone to get high. They may not even be dependent on heroin, however, they will utilize Suboxone as their essential medication of misuse. Suboxone is addictive on its own due to the buprenorphine in it. Actually, the individuals who aren’t used to opioids (like heroin or morphine) can get a solid experience from Suboxone enslavement.

Yet even the individuals who use it fittingly can become addicted to Suboxone. This happens when somebody has been taking it for quite a while stops. Buprenorphine withdrawal is less serious than heroin or morphine, yet the side effects are parallel. Consequently, when utilized under a specialist’s mind, the measurement of Suboxone will be brought down slowly.

Discovering Addiction Help

Entering into some sort of treatment center or counseling regimen is very important when it comes to beating any addiction.  Whether you have become addicted to heroin, suboxone, or any prescription drug, consider getting some professional help.  There are drug rehab centers that will help you get through the withdrawal symptoms, as well as learn to contend with life without resorting to drug use.

Admitting that you have a drug addiction problem is the first step toward recovery.  If you feel that you have become addicted to a drug, call around to various inpatient or outpatient rehabs to find one that is fitting for you.  There you will be able to come off of your drug. If you happen to be addicted to heroin, know that there are medications like Suboxone that will help the withdrawal process to be less gruesome.

The dangers of prescription opioids or are real. You can hardly watch the news anymore without seeing some report on someone dying or coming close to dying from an opiate overdose. There are entire cities being turned upside down by prescription drug and heroin addiction. Educate yourself on the matter and begin a journey toward recovery on all levels. Addiction may be a disease of the brain, but there are various treatments available to you. It’s up to you to begin a journey toward navigating your individual treatment path. One path may not work for you, but different ones might be better.

It’s not necessarily a right or wrong issue, but it is important for you to make the effort and do the work. If you need help taking your first steps, feel free to give us a call today and we can assist you in the direction of a treatment path for you. You deserve a wonderful life without being addicted to any drug. You don’t have to live a life addicted to pain pills. Reach out and get the help you need today and begin a life free from addiction.