Cut Toxic People From Your Life

When you’re in recovery,  it is important who you surround yourself with. If you’ve got toxic people in your life, chances are they will suck your good energy right out of you. They will bring your mood down and maybe even cause you to think about relapsing. This could be a spouse, grown child, co-worker, friend, parent, and so on.

Toxicity means that the person has a tough time having a healthy relationship. Being around a toxic person can sometimes drive you insane. Listen, you’ve worked hard for your recovery, so to protect it, you ought to take a look at who you’re hanging around with and cut the toxic people from your life.

Cutting ties isn’t easy

It may not be easy to end a toxic relationship. After all, you may truly care about the person and vice versa, but your recovery is important. If a person in your life is not good for you to be around due to you suffering negative emotions, it’s time to take a serious look at the situation. If cutting ties with a certain person makes you fear the conflict that may ensue, know that this is common, but it’s important that you follow through.

The buddy that is in active addiction

This goes for anyone you’ve met in recovery that has gotten off the recovery path. Maybe you were once buddies in AA or NA, but he or she is now out drinking or using. Yes, you care about that person, but hanging around him is not a good idea. You can be honest with this person and let him know that you choose not to hang around with those in active addiction because it makes you think entirely too much about using. Your sobriety is the most important thing to you, so you may have to let go of such a friendship.

Family members

You may have family members that are toxic as well. Many times one spouse will get sober and the other will still be in active addiction. The relationship can be quite toxic. This is a tricky situation that may need a professional counselor. At the very least, you can learn to set firm boundaries and detach in a loving way with that person. When you tie yourself into his or her toxic energy, it can have a negative effect on you, so it’s best to detach the best you can. In some circumstances, you’ll have to cut that person out entirely.

You don’t have to keep allowing toxic people to be in your life. Let them know that your own sanity and wellbeing is first, and if they want to be a part of your life, they’ve got to get things right. It’s alright to be honest with yourself and others, and protect your recovery.