What are the Common Criteria Required for Admission?

Entering a drug rehab or addiction treatment center can be one of the best decisions a person can make. Overcoming an addiction can be difficult on its own, but having the help of professionals, as well as working on the underlying causes of the problem will be beneficial to the patient. The criteria required to enter a drug rehab center will vary, but there are factors that are common among most every center. These factors are in place to ensure that a person will be able to receive the best care possible via the treatment center and receive the help needed for alcohol or drug abuse.

Types of Criteria Needed for Admission

  • Age—your age can play a role in if you are admitted. Some treatment facilities limit their patients to being 16 or 18 and above. Other centers will be formatted to treat patients under 18 or 16 years of age. It is important to seek treatment from a facility that meets your age range for the best care.
  • Gender—typically, a drug rehab will treat both male and female patients. However, there are centers that provide treatment for a specific gender. Some patients feel more comfortable seeking treatment in a facility that caters to one gender. Do what’s best for your treatment needs.
  • Mental and Emotional—drug rehab centers may treat co-occurring disorders or deal with emotional issues that are connected to the addiction or something that the patient deals with. Information about any mental or emotional diagnosis must be provided to the center in order to ensure the proper treatment is provided for your condition. Your new care provider needs to understand all of your mental or emotional conditions in order to provide you with the best addiction treatment, covering any underlying issues in the process.
  • Medical—when being admitted, most drug rehab facilities will require that you complete a medical examination. This is to determine what conditions you might have. Records will need to be provided if needed. The process of treatment must include all medical history, including what you might be allergic too, what medical conditions you face currently, medications you need to treat such conditions, etc.
  • Physical—the condition of your body can play a role in treatment. You should be able to participate without any limitations physically. If you have any limitations or physical conditions, you may have to use a drug rehab that can cater to your specific needs. Any physical issues you have need to be cared for in a proper manner, so treatment will be successful.
  • Previous Treatment—another factor that will be considered is if you have been in treatment before. Any facility you are trying to be admitted to will need to know of any previous treatment. This will help the facility know more about what you have been through and determine which treatment type will work best for you. By knowing what treatment, you have received in the past, your new provider will be able to use what works and what doesn’t to ensure quality results.
  • Religion—every individual has their own viewpoints and beliefs when it comes to religion or spirituality. It is important to voice your beliefs, so a drug rehab center can work with them or implement them in your treatment program. Patients who are religious can use their beliefs as a starting point or comfort during recovery.

Pre-Admission Form

When meeting with a drug rehab facility, you will need to discuss your goals and ask questions as to what you need to do to be admitted. A pre-admission form may be required which will provide you with the information you need for admission. The pre-admission form will be used to assess your case and any additional information will be requested as needed. Filling out the forms, in the beginning, will help to streamline the process as you seek admission.

It can be helpful to have family members with you to assist in the application process. You may be physically incapable of filling out paperwork or feel overwhelmed. Having someone by your side to help with the paperwork and to understand what is required can be helpful.

Seek Treatment from the Best Facility

Alcohol Abuse TreatmentIt is important that drug addicts seek treatment from a top-rated facility. By working with a facility that is trusted and provides only the best in treatment options, patients can expect to see results. Training professionals and a friendly staff are needed to provide patients with the best care. By working with a facility that has proven results, treatment will run smooth and the best decisions will be made on the patient’s behalf.

Individuals seeking treatment are relying on the drug rehab to provide the ultimate in care and customized treatment. When a patient chooses a facility that is well-known and ready to provide mental, emotional and physical, then successful results are seen.