Colorado Drug Rehab Programs Developed by Drug Users to Help Fight Heroin Addiction


Doctors and Drug AbuseLike many parts of the country, Colorado drug rehab programs are being re-examined and re-evaluated. The reason for all the revamping is the dramatic increase in opiate addiction, whether it’s prescription pain medications or heroin, and corresponding overdose deaths. Not too long ago, Colorado took action and legalized marijuana. People from all over the country flocked to the state to get high and smoke publicly. For many, this was a groundbreaking move. Many believed that it would cut down on the number of addictions to other, more harmful substances.

Many people were very, very wrong. While there are experts that feel that marijuana is not linked to the abuse and addiction of other substances, the vast majority of professionals in the field of addiction feel that pot is a very dangerous gateway drug. The contradiction, and complication, unfortunately, is that many new studies suggest that opioid addictions are being effectively treated with marijuana.

Not only that, but cannabis is also being looked at as a solid alternative to many opioid pain medications. While it might not do the trick in post-surgery or serious injury situations, for those who struggle with chronic pain, pot might be a solid alternative that keeps people from becoming addicted to prescription painkillers.

While this experimental practice is being used in many parts of the country, Colorado drug rehab programs are choosing to use not just this option, but are also working with addicts to improve the way they treat heroin addiction.

The Opioid Crisis is more than Just Pain Killers

No matter what you call it, it’s one of the biggest issues that the United States faces today. It seems like everyone is hooked on pain pills, and if they aren’t, it won’t be for lack of trying. Medical professionals are finally doing their due diligence with how they prescribe these medications, but many feel it’s too little too late. The trouble is, opioids and opiate pain medications are so widely prescribed. Bad back? Have a pain pill. Lady troubles? Here’s a ‘script. These days, many doctors are reconsidering the way they prescribe and manage pain, and while the medications are still commonly given in cases of injury and post-surgery, they might not be so readily prescribed for most common pain causes.

The result is many people who were previously hooked on the pain medications that their doctors would prescribe are now suffering from chronic pain and an addiction. It causes them to look in other places for their pain meds. Failing that, here comes Heroin.

What’s worse is that it’s happening all across the country. Colorado has its own stories, and it’s no surprise that Colorado drug rehabs are filling up fast.

Heroin is still the “Dirty” Drug, but Prescription Painkillers Aren’t

These days, heroin is still considered to be the “dirty” drug in Colorado, but that doesn’t change the fact that more and more people are struggling with an addiction to this opiate. The problem for many families in the state is the belief that it simply cannot, or will not happen to them. It’s considered to be the “lowest of the low,” so it would stand to reason that many who are addicted to heroin want to get clean. In many cases, the problem isn’t the desire, it’s the lack of knowledge. In a new move to help combat opiate addictions, Colorado lawmakers have begun working with those who battle addictions to develop a plan to start effectively fighting addiction to opiates and opioids.

This dramatic step has helped to open the door communication about addiction to heroin, the toll it takes on individuals, as well as the cost to friends and families. For the recent study that was done by the state, 700 addicts and recovering addicts were surveyed to learn more about heroin addiction. The idea is that if there is a greater understanding of how a person goes from prescription painkillers to heroin, it can be better combated.

The surveys showed that for many, the road to heroin started with prescription opioids. Kids were getting them from medicine cabinets, and some teens were even prescribed these medications to help fight pain. Adults would receive prescriptions for these medications for everything from chronic pain to acute, short-term injuries or surgeries.

As the state cracked down on prescribing practices, many found that they were already addicted. Heroin offered a better, cheaper high, and so the cycle of addiction to this substance began.

Overdoses are a significant problem, and what many don’t realize is that you can overdose without dying, and many do. In fact, the study showed that the average number of overdoses before seeking treatment or a fatality is three.

Unfortunately for this state, though, and for many others, is that the number of deaths from opioid overdoses continues to climb at a startling rate. It seems to many like this crisis is spiraling out of control with no way to slow or even stop it, and at the root of the problem is still pain – and the need to manage it.

The Many Faces of the Colorado Heroin Addiction Crisis

While you might not think that families are affected by a heroin addiction of one person, it seems that this substance takes many hostages. There are more than a few casualties, including children of addicts, parents of addiction, and anyone else who happens to love those that struggle with an addiction to heroin. It is said that it’s more powerful than any amount of love a person might feel, and it takes all sense of what’s right and what’s wrong away. The only thing that people who are hooked on these substances think about is getting their next fix so they don’t become sick.

In a recent article in the Coloradoan, just a few stories of those who are in recovery from heroin addiction are covered, and they are powerful. Almost all of these people report that they had to ruin their lives to be able to get any semblance of sanity and recovery from their addictions. The article also talks about how many people have lost people to heroin.

Beating the Heroin Crisis on Your Terms – Colorado Rehabs can Help

It’s easy to think that you won’t be affected, but the thing that most experts are finding is that nobody is safe from a potential addiction to prescription painkillers, or ultimately, heroin. This is why it’s so important to educate yourself about the many dangers of developing a physical tolerance and addiction. Even when you’re struggling to battle pain, it’s essential to look into the many ways to fight and heal chronic pain and reduce the number of pain pills that are distributed. It’s for your personal safety, but also to help everyone learn about pain and addressing it.

Many feel that pain is a symptom of other problems in the body. Learning to identify the source of the pain can help reduce the need for prescription pain medications, and this is what many Colorado drug rehabs are working to do. By teaching people to address the source of their pain and treat the problem, not the symptom, many in addiction recovery are learning how to finally live a pain-free life without the need for addictive prescriptions.

Working Your Way to Recovery

If you’re thinking that it’s time to start getting clean from your addiction to heroin or prescription pain medications, and you’re in Colorado, you need to find a great rehab that can help you begin your journey. We can help. We are Elite Rehab Placement, and we know two things about addiction recovery: First, you can’t overcome your addiction if you don’t get started somewhere, and finding the right rehab is a challenge. Second, making this decision is terrifying, but it is so well worth it.

When you call us, our caring counselors will help you to find out more about rehab, and the addiction treatment process. They will also talk to you to discover what you would like to see in your rehab program. This means you’re finally getting caring attention to help you on the journey to recovery.  Not only that, but you’ll find that the process is actually surprisingly simple.

We’ll do all the hard work, like finding out about your insurance coverage and helping you to find a rehab that works with your insurance company. We’ll also talk about financing, and look for options that meet your financial situation. Two of the toughest parts of addiction recovery are going to be handled for you because you shouldn’t have to stress about money at a time like this.

Then, we’re going to look for rehabs that meet your needs. There are lots of Colorado drug rehab choices out there, and we’re going to help you find the one that allows you to feel healthy, happy, and connected to yourself, and your recovery journey.

If you or a loved one is struggling with any type of addiction, it’s time to stop the cycle and get free of the problem. Give us a call or contact us today. We can help you to find a great treatment center and get you started living clean and sober. There is never any cost to you, and you don’t even have to commit. We talk to you, keep everything confidential, and send you a list of rehabs that check all the boxes on your list of “must-haves” for rehab. You connect with the rehabs that interest you, and if you decide you aren’t quite ready, that’s okay too.

Life is simply too short to struggle with an addiction forever. Why not take control and start living the life you really deserve?