Christian Alcohol Treatment – What to Consider


Christian alcohol treatment is an excellent option if you’re struggling with alcoholism. This can be a safe and non-judgmental place to start kicking your addiction and living that sober life you’ve been dreaming of. But, as with any type of treatment, there are some things for you to consider. So, what are they, and what should you be looking out for?

  • Your religious orientation. If you don’t identify as Christian, it’s likely that you won’t get as much out of treatment as you could. So, if you aren’t Christian, you may want to rethink a decision to attend this type of rehab.
  • How religious you are. Keep in mind that Christian alcohol treatment is considered Christian for a reason. They apply the principals and ideals of Christianity and they put them to use in their treatment methods. If you can’t relate, you should avoid this type of treatment.
  • The cost of treatment. When you’re going to any type of alcohol treatment, you’re going to have to pay something. Consider how much the treatment you’re considering will cost and what you can afford to pay before you commit.
  • If it’s affiliated with your church. Many churches offer addiction counseling services. If you’re thinking of going this route, make sure that the counselor you’re going to see is familiar with alcoholism. Also, decide if you’re going to be able to get the results you seek by staying home during your treatment process.
  • The confidentiality. One nice thing about seeking alcohol treatment is that it’s confidential. Nobody who you don’t want knowing will. Be sure that by attending Christian alcohol treatment, you’re going to be able to maintain that confidentiality and enjoy a healthy recovery.
  • The ability to keep attending when you’re not quite done yet. You might be done with your initial treatment program, but not ready to stop attending treatment. This is why it’s important to make sure that any alcohol treatment program you consider offers a great aftercare plan. You might not be staying in rehab, but you’re able to keep attending the parts of treatment that really matter to your recovery.

Christian alcohol treatment is a really wonderful option, and there are many choices out there. So, when it comes down to making the decision to attend, it might have more to do with your religion, your beliefs and your desire to live according to Christian principals.