Brain Factors Leading to Addiction

If you have wondered why you have an addiction and some others you know do not, you are not alone. There are canstockphoto9698829_1actually some brain factors that relate to the reasoning behind your addiction. Learning more about these brain factors may help you decide to get addiction treatments too. If you are ready to find out the truth behind your addiction and what could be making it difficult to put yourself into a detox program. Find out more here.

GABA Levels

The levels of your GABA, which is a neurotransmitter in your brain, could be low. These are the neurotransmitters that allow your body to become calm. Those with a low GABA level often have higher levels of nervousness, anxiety and stress. They may even become irritable much easier as well. When an addict consumes alcohol or uses drugs, they get a rise in their GABA levels. This means they are self-medicating for the reduction of their stress and anxiety. If this is the case for you, you can reach to an addiction rehab center for help in learning relaxation tips.

Gut Health Issues

If you have gut health issues, this could actually be leading you into an addictive lifestyle. You may have bacteria in your gut that is leading to higher levels of stress in your body. When this happens your mood can be thrown way off and you may have higher anxiety levels too. More than 80% of your serotonin levels in the body come from your gut. When you consume alcohol or do drugs, those harmful substances are like food to the bacteria so they eat off from them and not you. If you want a better way to handle this bacteria, you can speak to any range of addiction recovery professionals and they can get you set up with a proficient doctor.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Another one of the brain factors that may be leading you to an addiction are your adverse childhood experiences. These are traumatic or troublesome experiences you have experienced as a child that deeply resonate negatively with you as an adult. You may be using alcohol and drugs to cover up these experiences so you don’t have to deal with the painful memories of them. If you want to let your addiction go, speaking to an individual addiction counselor may be your best option.

These are the main brain factors that may be leading you to an addiction. Find out more about them by calling and getting treatment today.