Beginning Your Recovery Journey – What Comes First?


Beginning your recovery journey is often filled with unknowns. How do you know that you’ve embarked on the process of getting clean and sober, and are there signs that you’re really ready to get clean and sober? What should you expect and, most importantly to many, what comes first?

These are pretty common questions, but if you’re struggling with an addiction, now might be the time to start seeking answers.

Admitting you have an issue – the very beginning of your recovery journey

One of the first things that have to happen when you’re at the beginning of your recovery journey is that you admit you have an addiction in the first place. You can’t just treat your problem as something that you have control over.Alcohol Recovery You have to take a really good look at yourself to assess what’s happening with your using or drinking habits.

Believe it or not, though, this is likely the hardest part of choosing recovery. Addiction is scary. None of us wants to admit that something toxic and dangerous has a hold over us. We don’t want others to think badly of us, and we don’t want to think badly of ourselves. This is why the very first step of overcoming an addiction is so hard.

Too many people downplay their addictions. They tell themselves that they don’t have a problem, and they make sure the whole world knows it, too.

How denial hurts

Denial can really hurt, because it can keep you from beginning your recovery journey. Remember that many addicts are really great at telling themselves what they want to hear. They lie so well that they believe what they are saying, and for many, denial fits the bill.

For you, moving past the denial stage of your recovery is one of the most important steps you can take. It gives you the fuel you need to start hating your addiction and working on beginning your recovery journey.

Too often, we believe that our addictions are just part of who we are. We think that there is no overcoming the problem, and think we’re trapped forever. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but beginning your recovery journey may just be the hardest first step.

When you can admit that you have an addiction and that it controls your life, you can get started beginning your recovery journey in a healthy, happy way.