Alcohol Self Detox – What You Need to Know


Alcohol self detox often sounds like a good idea. You stop drinking, you detox and you get started living sober, right? Well, if you’re an alcoholic, it might not be the best idea to cleanse your system on your own for many differentAddiction to Alcohol reasons. While you might be wondering why you shouldn’t go through detox from alcohol on your own, there are also some things that you should know if you’re going to try it.

It’s important to note that things can get tricky fast when you’re detoxing from alcohol on your own. There are many things that can happen to you, so if you’re going to go through it alone, make sure that you know when to seek medical attention.

  • Have someone stay with you. Going through alcohol self detox  is never a good idea. There are often times of delirium and you might have hallucinations. Not only that, but you may find that you experience seizures or your blood pressure skyrockets. For this reason, it’s important that you have someone stay with you who can call for help if you’re unable to.
  • See your doctor before you start. Your healthcare provider can help you through the difficult process of detox from alcohol. So, make sure to see him before you stop drinking. It’s possible that your healthcare provider will want to see you in the middle of your detox process, so he can monitor your vitals, so be sure to keep that appointment.
  • Stay hydrated. Yes, this is really hard when you’re throwing up and having diarrhea, but it’s essential and part of the reason why so many serious effects can result with alcohol self detox. Make sure that you stay hydrated. If you cannot hold down water, try ice chips or seek medical attention, but make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the whole process. It will help you feel better sooner, too.
  • Know when to call for help. So, you probably know that feeling like you’ve caught a tremendous stomach bug is going to be par for the detox course, but if you start to hallucinate or have a seizure, you should know that that’s not normal. You might also find that your organs are struggling, which is why you should talk to your doctor to make sure that you’re healthy enough to do it alone in the first place. You should also know when to call for help, because not doing so could result in serious effects, and sometimes even death.

Ultimately, alcohol self detox isn’t really a good idea. There are just too many health risks that people face when they quit drinking alcohol without help, but if you’re determined, make sure that you’re as safe as you can possibly be.