Addiction Treatment – Understanding your Loved One’s Resistance


common alcohol withdrawal symptomsIn a perfect world, our loved ones should really want to choose to attend addiction treatment of some kind. When we have loved ones who are struggling with an addiction, it seems the only rational decision is for them to seek treatment of some kind. A good life is there, but they need help getting to it.

Unfortunately, all the factors that make sense to you don’t always factor into your loved one’s thinking. This can make it really tough when you’re trying to make the push for treatment. Understanding why your loved one isn’t ready to seek addiction treatment can help you when it comes to encouraging him to go to rehab.

Chances are, your loved one is scared of addiction treatment

It all sounds so good, right? It sounds like seeking treatment is the best thing you can ever choose to do. This is how a person can get clean and sober and live the life they’re dreaming of, so why wouldn’t everyone choose to go?

The fact is that your loved one probably isn’t trying to be difficult, but she is scared of addiction treatment. She’s scared of the unknown, the detox and the changes that she will be expected to make. Remember, when we resist out of fear, it makes things all that much tougher, and your loved one is likely really scared of going off to rehab.

For you, talking to your loved one about his fears of rehab might be helpful. When you can have an honest conversation with your addicted loved one about his addiction, you might get to the basis of his fears and worries. Together, you can help to beat those concerns and explore addiction treatment options.

It’s not about you, and your loved one might be thinking that you are overstepping your bounds

Another reason why your addicted loved one doesn’t want to attend addiction treatment is because she feels that she would be doing it for you. Most of the time, those who battle addictions feel that they shouldn’t have to do what other people want them to. They believe that their addictions are under control and that they aren’t suffering that badly. What you see isn’t always your loved one’s truth.

This is why your loved one always gets so mad when you try to bring up the subject of overcoming his addiction. It’s not yours to ask. When you’re dealing with this situation, it’s likely that the best thing you can do is back off. You know what you want, but your loved one doesn’t care.

It’s not an attempt to be mean, or disconnect from you, but your loved one simply doesn’t understand why you have the right to ask him to attend addiction treatment.

When you want to encourage your loved one to seek addiction treatment, it’s often most effective to step back and see what happens. Choosing to go to rehab is more often than not a personal choice. It doesn’t have to do with what you want to see. It has to do with what your addicted loved one wants, and that’s going to be the driving force behind choosing to seek rehab.