If you are one of the many different people around the world who have an addiction of any kind, things can change for you, detox would be the first step and then recovery. Whether you have already gotten into addiction recovery or whether you are still working on it, knowing about the five stages for change can help. When someone gets into addiction recovery they will have experiences that some people don’t get but you will get the understanding that you need here and you can learn more about the process as well. In fact, the five stages for change that can be experienced during addiction recovery can be a great start for you to begin learning about the process. If you are ready, then continue reading more about these stages today.

What are the five stages for change during addiction recovery that you should know more about?

five stages for change

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When you are an addict, a recovering addict or even someone who just wants to know more about addiction recovery, one of the greatest places to start is learning more about the five stages for change. Today you will find out what these stages are and a bit more information about them as well. The five stages for change that occur during addiction recovery include the following:

  • The first stage is pre-contemplation (this is when you may or may not be able to see a possible solution but you just can’t quite find the issue or problem yet).
  • The second stage is contemplation (this is where you think about the issue and problems more and lean towards comparing them to solutions).
  • The third stage is preparation (this is when you make a plan where you can act and make changes to behavior).
  • The fourth stage is action (this requires commitment, time, patience and energy and it is when you make the move to the healthier decision of recovery).
  • The fifth stage is maintenance (if you want to stick with the changes you have made then you must maintain your healthy, new behaviors).

These are the five stages for change that you would need to experience during addiction recovery. While the length of each of these stages is different from one recovering addict to the next, the process is generally about the same. You will have to assess your own life, your own behaviors, and you will need to think about the right solution for you. There are people out there who can help you with this process if you need but you have to be the one to make the changes.