Most illnesses, however serious, can be cured with some form of medication. Addiction is not one of them. A patient can only learn how to control and fight their urges, but they never completely cure the condition. That is not to mean that those fighting the condition should completely give up because there is no winning, because going through the steps of recovery in a rehab center will equip them with all they need to stay sober.

The first step towards winning the war against addiction is knowing and acknowledging that it is there. Accepting that you have alcohol dependency is the first step towards sobriety as you will start seeking help for it. Most people find it hard to accept that they have an alcohol addiction because of its prevalence and the fact that everyone in their circle may be drinkers. It makes one feel left out when they can’t indulge in something that seems to bring them closer to their friends. Nonetheless, accepting that your alcohol intake is beyond control is the first step towards starting a new life.

Social Drinking

Alcohol is one of the most popular ways to break the ice when people meet for the first time or are simply planning to have a good time. Social drinking is the norm, not the option and sometimes none-drinkers are ridiculed for not drinking. Society praises vices while working hard to bring down those who stay away from those vices for whatever reason.

The one thing that makes an alcohol addiction quite hard to kick is its availability. Being a legal substance, alcohol is available in plenty at any gathering and so you have every inclination to drink a little to be part of that gathering. Most people start with a little drinking at parties before they start stocking up their home bars. Before long, they are drinking quite heavily at home without realizing that they are falling into the addiction trap.

How do You Know You are Addicted?

There are signs of addiction and then there are symptoms. Signs are usually noted by outsiders who deal with you on the regular. For instance, your friends could note that you are quite withdrawn and not quite yourself lately.

Symptoms, on the other hand, only you can notice. You may note that your hands shake when you go for five hours without a drink. Most people with substance reliance will be in denial but there are signs that will spell trouble, including;

Trouble in Relationships

Say the person was once a social butterfly but they have withdrawn into themselves and are burning every bridge. This could be a sign of trouble and a cry for help. Also, you may need to be concerned when they start forgetting appointments and being consistently late for meetings.

They Miss Class or Work

If work or/and school used to be really important to them before but they have now cooled off and seem not to care too much, then something could be going on and they may need your help.

Legal and Financial Problems

They are suddenly at loggerheads with the system – acting out in public or DUIs that wasn’t the case before. Addicts are also blowing all their money on substance, making them perennially broke. When the habit affects their work, they will have little or no money to get by and they will automatically get into debt.

Solitude and Inability to Stop

If the person is suddenly too secretive and prefers to be left alone, they could be indulging in a restricted substance. They are ashamed that they can’t control their urges anymore and so they will opt to stay away from those that may question their ways.

Stress Relief

You will know a loved one is in need of help when they can’t seem to solve their issues in any other way than through drinking. Without caring what time it is, they will pour themselves generous amounts of alcohol to avoid dealing with a problem.

No Cure for it But Addiction can be Treated

If you have already acknowledged the problem, the next step is finding the proper rehab center for treatment. A few factors such as cost, distance, and the nature of treatment will determine where you will go to rehab, but most experts agree that inpatient facilities are the best.

Inpatient centers not only offer detoxification and constant monitoring, but they also get to the root of the addiction to help the patient address it once and for all. Though there is no cure for addiction, this medication helps one learn how to live without the substance they are addicted to and to stay sober.

If you are dealing with addiction or know someone that is, now is a good time to seek help. You too can get and stay sober for life.