The modern life of today’s working person is more hectic than it ever has been. In the US, long working hours and weekend work is nothing out of the ordinary. However, this constant work can take a serious toll on your bodily system. In the modern life, nobody can escape from the clamps of stress.

 Practically speaking, it is not possible for any person to function optimally beyond a certain point. This is where drugs like antidepressants, amphetamine-based pills and an assortment of other OTC medication come in apart from alcohol and drugs.

 However, it would be very unwise to use them because it’s so easy to get hooked. And once you are hooked, it is a short path down to a full-blown addiction. Taking these to reduce stress actually increases mental and emotional stress manifold in the long-run and can really damage you inside and out.

 What are the alternative ways to reduce stress?

 Yes, there are many alternatives to reducing stress holistically and without any need for sedatives or tranquilizers. In fact, there is an entire industry across the West dedicated to promoting holistic stress reduction and well-being. However, these treatments work differently for different people. At the same time, it is important to prepare and be willing to accept what these treatments have to offer.

 Here, we are going to tell you 5 Steps through which you can manage your stress effectively without pharmaceuticals. Follow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid the addiction trap. Let’s start.

 5 Steps Towards Holistic Stress Reduction

1. Set Realistic Goals:

For most people doing a professionalholistic drug rehab job, having a set goal for both the short and long-term is the best way to work. Set your goals before you begin and chart out how you are going to achieve them. You can also set daily goals and follow time-management tips. Understand how much continuous work is ideal for you. Do not go beyond that because your productivity would dip and will result in stress. Take enough rest to recharge yourself so that you can give your best the next time you set to work. This is an important tip for reducing stress.

2.Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions are the worst thing you can have to deal with when you are in work mode. Get rid of all distractions and focus on your work. There will be plenty of time to amuse yourself with social media and your friend’s whacky video uploads later. If you do it now, it will only make you lose focus on the task at hand.It would be wise to also not attend to unnecessary texts and calls when you are working. You can make an exception for a selected few people if you like. However, do inform family and friends to contact you during work hours only if unavoidable.

3.Synchronize Your Efforts with Peers

Most of us work in teams these days. This means that our work output depends quite a bit on that of others. If you are the leader of your team, then team management matters even more. Even if you are not, you need to work along with others to achieve team goals. The best way to do this is to understand how your tasks are going to compliment others and vice versa.If you are the team leader, then you need to make sure that your workers understand how to sync in their individual tasks with others. Create a strong working plan for the project, divide the tasks based on skills and experience.


4.Maintain a Balanced Life

Often, you will find that excessive stress is caused by an imbalance between work hours, dietary habits, and physical exertion. Usually, people work too much, eat unhealthy food and get no exercise. The mind and the body are interconnected, and one cannot function effectively without the other. The best way to ensure stress normalization is by staying regular with exercise and eating healthy. This will help you get stronger and more tolerant to stress. A strong well-fed body is a way to a firm mind.

5.Take Up Hobbies

Hobby is a word you do not get to hear very often these days. Back in the days before smartphones and tablets, people had different hobbies to spend their time and stay free from stress. And for the most part, these people retained a relatively stress-free lifestyle.

They do say old is gold and this is certainly true here. We can learn quite a few things from our forefathers. Hobbies are one of the main ones. Pick a hobby for yourself – reading, gardening, boating or whatever you like. Do something that does not involve technology. This will help you come back strong to your workstation when you return and put in your best work.


Despite what anyone might tell you, holistic stress reduction is not a few breaths with a Zen-like vibe. It is, in fact, a way of life that you must inculcate and act accordingly at work and in personal life as well. Just like sleeping is a requirement, similarly, maintaining work-life balance is important to stay happy and stress-free. Practice the tips discussed above, and your stress will always be in check.