90 Day Rehab – Taking Your Recovery to the Next Level


Have you heard of 90-day rehab? If you’ve not been to addiction treatment, you might not have. However, if you’ve been thinking that it’s time to start overcoming your addiction and go to rehab, you might have heard a little something about this longer-term treatment option.

Oh, sure, there are lots of reasons why you think you can’t attend this type of program, but once you find out the benefits, and the research backing a long-term rehab stay, you might start to change your mind.

So, what do you need to know before you decide that you should or shouldn’t choose a long-term addiction treatment program?

Start With the Benefits

Did you know that at the end of a four-week stay in rehab, many people are just starting to wrap their heads around the idea of living addiction-free? This can make it difficult when they need to leave treatment and build a clean and sober type of life. In fact, many addiction experts feel that recovery lasts many years, maybe even a lifetime, and that without the help of a strong aftercare program to maintain the ideas and lifestyle changes that a person learns in rehab, the chances for relapse increase dramatically.

Now, don’t see this as a reason not to go to treatment, see it as a reason to make sure that you find a way to continue addiction treatment even though your time at rehab ends. And then, find a way to make the most of the time you spend in rehab.

For those who feel like they need longer to wrap their heads around the idea of living addiction-free, 90-day rehab is just the tool that they need to enjoy a strong, healthy recovery with plenty of tools, support and time. Still on the fence?

Lots of people are, and that makes sense, but some of the biggest benefits of choosing a 90-day rehab program include:

  • It takes time to make a habit, and it takes time to break old habits. When you’re kicking an addiction, you’re doing both at the same time. 90 days is plenty of time to kick your addiction habit and form the new habit of not using or drinking anymore. They say that time heals all things, and in the case of long-term addiction rehab, this is proving to be true.
  • Sometimes, after rehab, a person can feel as if they’ve lost everything that they just spend so much effort building. When you stay in rehab for longer, you’re holding onto those things, like your support network for much longer than at a traditional 30-day facility, and that forms stronger bonds, and a greater desire to maintain connections after treatment ends.
  • Tools, and a better knowledge of how to use them. There is no denying that rehab is going to give you tons of tools to help you get through the tough times of your recovery journey. You’re going to be learning how to live a healthy life, and how to enjoy your recovery journey. However, tools can take time to learn to use properly. 90 days gives you the time it often takes to get really good at things like meditation, Yoga, and other skills that you’re going to need to be able to fully embrace a healthy recovery journey.
  • The ability to plan for what comes next. There is a lot of focus in addiction recovery on living in the moment, which is great, as long as you have a way to earn a living and a roof over your head. Unfortunately, the world isn’t going to pay your bills for you, and this is why you need some time to make some plans for when you complete your addiction treatment program.
  • The ability to continue with your treatment. You’re also going to want to know that you’re continuing with your addiction treatment even after you’re done with rehab. Even though you’re choosing to go to a 90-day rehab, you’re still going to need to keep up with what you’ve been doing. Solid rehab programs always offer just as strong of an aftercare program that you can, and should, take advantage of.

Even more, those are just a few of the benefits of choosing a 90-day rehab program. There are others, and undoubtedly, you’ll find your reason, too.

The Different Types of Treatment in a 90 Day Program

It’s important to know that just because you’re going through addiction treatment doesn’t mean it all comes in one package. That’s why there are so many different rehab options to consider. The same is true of 90-day rehab. It’s simply more time to get the most out of choosing to attend addiction treatment possible.

You’ll find everything from rehab for men, or women, or both. Family rehab, where you can take your children and they are counseled to help deal with your addiction, and you all learn how to be a solid, happy family. You’ll also find that there are 12 step and non-12 step options in a 90-day rehab. Holistic and alternative treatment options are also available in a long-term addiction treatment facility.

With so much to choose from, you might just find that going to rehab for 90 days is starting to sound a lot better, but you need to decide for yourself.

How to Know if 90 Days Will be Good for You

The big question becomes whether or not a long-term rehab program will be a good choice for you, and really, only you know the true answer to this. There are some solid indicators to look for, though, that might make your decision much easier to make.

Have you tried to recover before and gone back to using or drinking? This is one good way to know whether or not a 90-day addiction treatment program is a solid option for you. In short, the longer you’re not using or drinking, the more likely it is that things will stay this way. So, if you’ve tried and relapsed in the past, you might really benefit from going to 90-day rehab.

Do you have a family that needs to heal, too? When you’re a parent, it can be really hard to think of leaving your kids behind so you can start kicking your addiction, but did you know that your kids have been affected, too? Lots of 90-day addiction treatment facilities are actually known as Family Rehabs and for good reason. You get to become a good parent because your kids stay with you. They even get to go through therapy to help them cope with your addiction. This approach helps you in your long-term recovery journey.

Do 30 days in treatment just feel too short? If you said yes, then you might want to consider a longer stay in treatment. Lots of people find that after 30 days, they’ve learned something, but not enough to make them want to stay clean and sober. That’s where more time to stay in treatment helps.

Isn’t it Way Too Expensive?

You might be thinking that staying in rehab for 90 days is going to cost as much as your first house, and yes, it can be expensive to get this type of treatment. However, even if you don’t have that kind of cash laying around, there are ways to make it more affordable for you, and really, when you think about the benefits of long-term recovery success, it makes sense that you would want to give it a try.

Besides, you should know that there are actually options that will help to make it possible to pay for 90-day rehab. For instance, your insurance might actually cover a fair share of your bill, and that’s going to help you to be able to relax a bit and enjoy the journey.

You might also find that there are payment options that work really well for you. Affordable payments that don’t start until you’ve completed your treatment can make the desire to overcome your addiction even stronger than they were before.

In some cases, there is an option for grants to help you pay for your stay in rehab. These help thousands of people to start enjoying a solid recovery journey without feeling that they are limited to attending free meetings instead of having a comprehensive recovery program.

Finding the 90 Day Rehab that Works for You

Now, if you’re thinking you’ll take a look and see what’s out there, good for you. We want to help you find the 90-day rehab that will fit your needs and really work for you. That’s why we specialize in matching you with the type of rehab that will best meet your needs.

It might be hard to find the right rehab for you on your own. You can make phone call after phone call, and set up numerous times to see the facility, but all this time has you thinking that maybe you don’t need to kick your addiction after all.

Don’t waste time, give us a call at Elite Rehab Placement and we will help you to find the addiction treatment program that truly works for your needs. A 90-day rehab is just the beginning of the new way of living you deserve. Let us help you find the right one for your needs.