Drug abuse is a major problem in the world. Despite the extensive laws placed by all nations of the world, drug use and related crimes remain among the highest globally. Many international leaders consider drugs, specifically narcotics, a scourge of the human race.

 Sadly, drugs enjoy quite a bit of popularity in public. With so many public luminaries, celebrities and other noteworthy individuals linked to drug abuse, it is easy to see why unsuspecting youth can come under their influence.

 We know this is a problem but we have not been able to tackle it in spite of all the pre-emptive drug counseling given in schools. If you are a parent, you need to know the main reasons why your child could be moving towards drugs and a devastating addiction. Let us help you understand the possible causes and address them before it is too late.

  1.     Natural Predispositionopioid addiction

 There are many factors that can lead to drug addiction. Genetics is one of them. This works the same way as with people who come from a family with specific mental conditions like schizophrenia. However, this should not be used as an excuse. Unlike schizophrenia, which is largely out of the person’s control, addiction can largely be brought under the person’s control. What matters is early detection and a strict plan to avoid narcotics in general.

 2.     Peer Pressure

 Most people do not discover drugs on their own. They are introduced to drugs through their friends and acquaintances. In such cases, the person feels an overwhelming desire to fit in with their peer group and so, most agree to do drugs. However, most of them end up paying the price.

 3.     To Improve Their Self-Image

Drugs are known for lowering inhibitions and allowing us to take bigger risks. And this is not just for strictly controlled narcotics like cocaine. Even alcohol has the same impact within moderate doses. However, it is important to know that drugs do not actually improve confidence, they just make us forget the fear and anxiety associated with various situations. Some of the addicts start to take drugs just to experience adulthood. With time, as the body tolerance for the drug increases, so does the size of the dose. And before long, the person spirals into a drug and it becomes an addiction.

 4.     To Escape from Conflict And Reality

Teen Bullying and Substance Abuse Contrary to the above reason, drugs can also be used as a means to avoid conflict. You will find a lot of drug users come from broken homes or where there is a lot of marital discord and possible physical abuse. Their early childhood trauma pushes them towards drugs because they see it as a solace. By medicating themselves into numbness, they gloss over their imminent need to confront their problems. This also makes them more agreeable in the workplace and social situations.

 5.     To Enhance Their Performance

 Drugs, especially narcotics, are known for having unique impacts on people’s consciousness. Different drugs have different impacts and to a degree, they are used by people as a temporary boost in their performance. For example, many known people have used microdose LSD for a supposed performance boost. This is very similar to how steroids work in the sports world. However, just as with steroids, there is a price to pay. For narcotics, this often leads to emotional imbalance, addiction and a regressive dismantling of the user’s life. That is why narcotics, as well as all PEDs or Performance Enhancing Drugs, should be avoided unless prescribed by a licensed doctor.

 6.     To Become Emotionally Distant

 Sometimes, people use drugs just to distance themselves from emotions they find overwhelming. This is popular although misguided coping strategy used by many people. Drug use can help to manage emotions temporarily. However, this does not address the main problem. It merely makes the problem invisible to the user. So, when the issue comes up again, the user is unwilling or unable to deal with it until it grows wildly out of proportion and the user becomes a victim of drug addiction.

 7.     To Enjoy ThemselvesSigns of Teen Drug Abuse

 Drugs are a quick way into the ‘cool’ crowd and a means of supposed enjoyment. This ill-fated notion is reinforced by pop culture and sometimes, even the media. However, the problem occurs when the enjoyment requirement goes up and the drug use increases along with it. As soon as that happens, the person has entered into a downward spiral leading to addiction.


 The problem of drug use and its ill-effects are universal. Addiction continues to devastate individuals and their families all over the world. Educating yourself about addiction and its causes is the best way to avoid it. If you see yourself or any near and dear moving towards drug use and addiction, help them cope with their problems and get professional help for a better life.

Written by: Don