It is quite unfortunate the number of people who lose their life around the 4th of July holiday. There are many car accidents, overdoses, acts of violence and more due to the use of alcohol and drugs. If you are in recovery from an addiction, or are still using, it is important to have tips on how to stay safe during the 4th of July holiday.

Drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Whether you are in recovery from an addiction or not, one of the best things you can do to stay safe during the 4th of July holiday is to drink non-alcoholic beverages. If you are going to a party, you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. There are so many parties where alcohol and drugs are being used, and this only increases the number of fatalities that will potentially happen. You can save your own life and the lives of others by keeping yourself clean and sober. There are many great non-alcoholic beverage options.

Attend the Right Parties

There are far too many 4th of July parties that revolve around getting high or drunk. That is nothing you need to be a part of. There are also many 4th of July parties that focus more on socializing, barbecues, having safe fun, and spending time with loved ones, friends and your community. Those parties are generally substance-free and much safer than the other types of parties. If you want to keep yourself and your friends or family safe, you may want to ask them to tag along to these safer parties.

Spend Time With Friends Who Support You

If you are in recovery from an addiction after attending rehab or you just don’t want to be a part of the partying scene this 4th of July, it may help to spend time with friends who support you. Spend time with friends who enjoy being clean and sober. Take time to be around those who encourage you and your sobriety. The more time you spend around those people, the safer you can be and the more fun you can have during this holiday as well. Call up the people who mean the most to you and see what they have going on for this holiday. Have them join you in sober and clean holiday fun.

Have a Party of Your Own

Another way for you to stay safe for the 4th of July holiday is to have a party of your own. This may actually be one of the best tips around. First, you won’t be putting yourself out on the roads, where they may be drugged and drunk drivers. You can invite your friends and family members to stay over for a campout in your yard. This way they aren’t out on the road going home late either. In addition, if you have a party of your own, you can let everyone know there will be no drugs or alcohol allowed. You can have a barbecue, music, outdoor games and fireworks right from your home.


4th of July is one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. There are far too many fatalities due to drugged and drunk driving or other accidents related to substance abuse. It may seem like you can’t have fun without alcohol or drugs. However, that is untrue. There are many great tips to help you not only stay safe for the 4th of July holiday, but that allow you to have a great time as well. If you follow the tips mentioned here, you can improve your 4th of July and make memories you will never forget.