According to a World Drug Report conducted in 2017, around 29.5 million people around the world suffer from some form of drug use disorder. That amounts to a total of 0.6% of the entire world’s population that deals with drug use in dangerous levels, most of which are driven by dependence on them. The types of drugs that people get hooked on are an entirely different story altogether. But in a nutshell, most of the abused substances are opioids and pain medications like fentanyl, morphine, and Oxycontin, as well as other devastating drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

 Given these staggering numbers, it only shows that drug use is quite a common trend among many people, which makes addiction and dependency a growing cause for concern worldwide. If you happen to have a loved one who is dealing with this type of struggle, here are four simple ways to convince them that going through rehab is the next best step to get their lives in order.

1. Finding the Right Program

More than anything else, you would want to have your stressed loved one to get the most out of the rehabilitation program they are about to enter in. With that being said, it is also important to find the right program that would be most suitable for their needs. Each rehabilitation center offers different types of programs and recovery solutions that may be helpful for one individual but may not be as effective for another. You can choose from 12-Step programs, faith-based approaches, group services like Alcoholics Anonymous, and even one-on-one counseling services.

 Whichever you may choose to go for, make sure that this will be effective enough, not only to be of help for them but to also give you the best services for the value that you will be paying.

2. Location is Key

For some people, being sent to rehab is quite similar to going on a retreat. Others find joy in it, that they do not mind if they are being sent to a location miles away from their homes, far away from friends and loved ones. Some people know how to appreciate the solace in isolation, which is understandable.

However, there are also those who feel more vulnerable when kept away from the people closest to them, and this should be taken into consideration, as well. In this case, you may want to find a rehabilitation center that is closer to home.   It would be best to go for the solution that would help the situation the most. Whether the location would be a few hundred miles from home or a mere 10-minute drive away, you must put their needs at the top of the priority list, more than anything else.

3. Clean Up Their Environment

One does not just go out to experiment on harmful and addictive substances on their own. At one point in their lives, someone else did influence them into trying something that they should not have done in the first place. As a concerned family member or friend, you must act on this right away by letting your loved one sever their ties with such problematic individuals. These people need to be cut out from their lives for good.

 This can be a challenge at first, especially since an addicted individual tends to find comfort and support from people who are in a similar situation as they are. But no matter what happens, they must understand that the people they see as friends could only worsen their situation as time goes on and that they need to separate themselves from them to get back on the right track.


4. Have Them Decide for Themselves

Drug Rehab CentersAs someone from the outside looking in, all you can do is to offer support and advice that the afflicted individual can choose to adhere to or not. However, the final decision would still need to come from them. As someone who is trying to help them turn their life around, it would also be up to you to steer them to the correct frame of mind and help them make a sensible decision. Try to make them see how their life would be so much better and more productive without being dependent on drugs that can only be detrimental to their well-being.

 However, you must remember to approach this in a loving way, as opposed to a mere anti-drug dependence sales talk. What matters more is that they feel that they are being cared for, rather than being reprimanded. Seeing a loved one go through the perils of drug addiction may be painful, but it is also important to nip the problem in the bud before it worsens. Entering a rehabilitation facility may have its negative stigma, but it should be looked at more as a means to get better, more than anything else.