7 Weekend Activities That Do Not Include Getting Hammered

Fact: Everyone loves the weekend. Whether you are an adult or a kid, everyone counts down the days until its Friday. It is two days of freedom and it is totally acceptable to let loose. Most people tend to do exactly that. It is socially acceptable to drink and party on Friday and Saturday nights and most people above the age of 21 will spend their Friday and Saturday nights drinking to oblivion. However, when you are newly sober- Friday nights can seem sad, boring and even something you may avoid. Good news-there are many activities to do that are perfectly fun alternatives to drinking.

1. Go to the Movies

No matter what time of year it is, you are bound to find a great flick playing at the local theater. Movies are a great past time that takes us back to your youth. Remember how fun going to the movies was as a kid? The buttery popcorn, the frozen coke and of course all of the candy. I bet when you were drinking you didn’t make any movies, so it is now time to catch up on some good summertime flicks.

2. Enjoy Some Fine Dining

Think of how much money you used to spend going out on the weekends and buying drinks. Now spend that same money on a fine dining experience (minus the wine.) Every once in awhile treating yourself to a fine meal with a significant or a friend will reap many benefits. Alternatives to drinking don’t have to be something so exhilarating, sometimes enjoying a nice filet mignon is all you need for a good time out.

3. Kick Back and Relax

Maybe you had a stressful week and all you need is a little Netflix and chill. Is there anything better than just binge-watching your favorite show while eating your favorite snacks? I personally don’t think so. After a long week of working 40 or more hours the perfect way to unwind is to just sit back and relax and enjoy some good series. If binge-watching shows isn’t your thing maybe hit up your gaming squad and play some Fortnite or PUBG.

4. Blow off Some Steam at the Gym

One of my personal favorite activities on Friday is hitting the gym. I am in recovery myself and I find that gym on Fridays is the best. The gym is hardly ever busy on a Friday and it is a good way to blow off some steam and forget about the stressful work week you may have had. Working out is great for a number of reasons: it helps promote healthier habits, you feel better afterward and you start looking better after some time. The gym is a great alternative to drinking.

5. Go on a Nature Walk

Friday evening, especially during the summertime, is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. We all live such busy lives and sometimes all we need is a little nature break to help ground us. A nature walk will put you in a better mood and just a simple walk outside will improve your mood, reduce stress and boost creative thinking.

6. Plan a Weekend Trip

Now that your sober, you may view the world in a different light. Take advantage of this new state of mind but traveling somewhere new. While drinking odds are you spent most of your weekends in dark bars or nightclubs but now it is time to explore. A weekend is plenty of time to get away and explore uncharted territory.

7. Big Night Out

You didn’t get sober so you can sit at home all bored and sad on a Friday night did you? If you are in recovery and feel stable enough to enjoy a night I strongly suggest this one. Whether it is seeing your favorite artist perform live at a concert, attending your favorite comedians stand up or going to a ball game plan night out whenever possible. There is nothing better than having the freedom to drive yourself to a concert, game, or activity and enjoy it without being intoxicated. It will be a memorable experience each and every time and you can hold those memories for the rest of your life.