The 12 Steps – Building Spirituality and Security


Many people think of the 12 steps as something to bog them down and lock them into recovery that they aren’t ready for, but for the millions who have successfully used this method to overcome their addictions, a step based program is nothing short of a miracle. So, what’s so great about a step based program, and how can it help you in your recovery journey?

The 12 steps helps to build security and spirituality

For many, what’s really missing in their lives when they are actively addicted is spirituality and a sense of security. You can’t feel safe if you’re always doing unsafe things, but sometimes, carrying the burden of your addiction all alone can be overwhelming. Sometimes, knowing that there is something out there that can help you to get clean and sober is all you need to keep living a good, recovering lifestyle.

This type of treatment helps many to focus on the different aspects of recovery that they might not have considered in the past. It can help those working to overcome an addiction have a direction and focus. Each step takes us one step closer to embracing a life in recovery.

The 12 steps spiritual principals can sometimes feel smothering or overwhelming, but they are meant to offer support and encourage goodness, kindness, and acceptance in those who choose to follow this treatment method.

Should you try it?

For many, the idea of taking on the 12 steps might feel pretty old. It’s the treatment program their dad or grandfather used. However, it’s also one of the most effective programs out there. Many worry that it will be outdated or need remodeling, but this just isn’t the case, because, like all other treatment programs, the step based programs also take note of addiction recovery advances and work to incorporate them in the plans that are offered.

The end result turns out to be a highly effective method for treating addiction that works to incorporate tried and true techniques with the newest advances in addiction treatment out there.

So, should you try it? This depends on you and your personal beliefs. Do you think that you could benefit from a boost in your spirituality? Do you feel like you would do well in a program that gives you direction and focus and encourages you to forgive yourself, love yourself, and build healthy relationships with others? If you think this sounds good, then the 12 steps might be the right treatment to help you overcome your addiction.