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Religion and Recovery: Faith-Based Alcohol Rehabs

If you are one of the many people struggling with alcohol addiction that hold strong religious values, there are rehab options designed specifically for you. Faith-based rehab centers use your faith in your religion and its teachings as a way to understand and recover from your alcohol addiction in a safe environment. If you are a religious man or woman struggling with alcohol abuse, you can fight back against your addiction with people who share the same religious beliefs and values as you. While receiving traditional drug and alcohol treatment you will also have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with a higher power.

What is Faith-Based Rehab?

Simply put, it is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center that focuses on religion and faith in healing from addiction and in the recovery process. These faith-based alcohol rehabs also include treatment options and have withdrawal and detox professionals like a traditional rehab. In most of these rehab centers, the leaders believe that people turn to drugs and alcohol to fill the void that has been left in them because of their lack of faith. The idea behind faith-based rehab centers is that if the addict accepts God into their lives, and they work on a relationship with their higher power then they will not have a desire to use drugs or alcohol.

The idea behind faith-based rehab centers is that if the addict accepts God into their lives, and they work on a relationship with their higher power then they will not have a desire to use drugs or alcohol.

How Do Faith-Based Rehabs Work?

Most human beings look to faith and religion for support, and courage especially when going through an important trying moment in life. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, those with religion in their life tend to have a healthier and better quality of life, this report also claims that religious or faith-based treatments are effective. Now most of these faith-based rehabs may be different to a degree, but here are some treatments you can expect:

  • Education on religious principles
  • Development of relationship with your higher power
  • Religious studies, prayer
  • Drug or alcohol addiction education
  • Drug or alcohol counseling
  • Detox and withdrawal process
  • Group therapy and group religious studies
  • Relapse prevention

Most faith-based alcohol rehab centers are designed for addicts who already have a religious connection, or have had it and seek to rekindle it. They are mostly separated by religious beliefs, so a Christian struggling with alcohol addiction may want to go to a Christian-based alcohol rehab. If you are non-religious but want to consider a faith-based alcohol rehab, then this could be a chance to learn about your addiction, religion, and yourself.

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Advantages of a Faith Based Rehab

A faith-based rehab program can have many benefits to a religious person who is suffering from addiction to alcohol, as they operate from the same values and beliefs that are important to themselves. These facilities allow people to talk to their counselors about their spiritual and religious concerns, as well as other patient-counselor topics that are typically discussed at drug or alcohol rehab centers.

Another advantage of going to an alcohol rehab facility that is also faith-based is meeting others like yourself. You will have the chance to network with people who share similar religious values and views. This will help you realize that you are not the only one who believes in God and struggles with alcohol! This can go a long way for your recovery and faith. By knowing you are not alone, you will feel more free to discuss your thoughts and participate in your treatment.

People can feel safe discussing their religion and their addiction. If someone who has strong religious views goes to a traditional rehab, they run the risk of being disinterested or feeling excluded. Therefore, if you have strong religious values, then you should strongly consider a faith-based rehab program for your alcohol addiction.

The last advantage of a faith-based rehab program is the network and support group you will build upon leaving. You will be introduced to an entire community of people who have struggled with alcohol, and you will learn how to network with them upon leaving treatment. Having this strong support group puts you in a better position to live clean and sober after rehab.

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How to Find a Faith Based Rehab

If you want to seek treatment for your alcohol addiction, the best way to start looking into the right faith-based options is to speak with members in your religious community. These leaders and members may have went through a similar experience with themselves or a loved one.

There are faith-based rehab facilities across the country that are designed to meet your particular religious needs and values.

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