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The Importance of Aftercare

When it comes to addiction rehab, aftercare is an all important step that needs to be addressed. Not everyone has a good aftercare program in place once they leave rehab, and this can make reintroducing oneself to normal life extremely difficult.

While it is true that those battling addictions do have to do some work toward making life changes when they leave rehab, it is also important to have a plan in place that will provide those in recovery with a clear plan that ensures that they have the support they need when times get tough and the desire to use drugs or alcohol surfaces.

Recovery is a Process

Recovering from addiction doesn’t happen overnight. In some cases, it can take many years and ongoing participation in programs to help a person avoid relapse. Rehab is only the first step toward living a clean, healthy life. A solid aftercare program that is easy to follow and understand can give a loved one dealing with addiction the edge they need to stay on track.

By finding individual therapy, group sessions and having the appropriate contact information for a loved one battling addiction, it is possible to ensure that recovery stays on track and the loved one never feels that they are alone in their journey.

What You Can Do

Many addiction rehab facilities do touch on the subject of aftercare, but they might not be as thorough as a client needs. That’s when it’s up to the friends and family of a person recovering from addiction to develop a plan that the client agrees to and feels comfortable with. Other rehab centers are very thorough in setting up an outstanding aftercare network to help prevent relapse.  We can help you find a center that works for you or your loved one to make sure the aftercare support system is in place before leaving treatment.

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Don’t Pretend You Don’t Need Aftercare

It isn’t uncommon for those that are in rehab to insist that they will put their own aftercare program into place. Many times they will say that they don’t need family interference. No matter how effective the treatment program, clients are still inclined to try to protect their privacy from “prying” friends and family.

It’s important to learn to recognize the signs of potential relapse and have go-to contacts that can help when you or a loved one is struggling with a relapse. This is part of aftercare, and it is probably one of the most intensive parts of the whole recovery process.

Addiction recovery is a journey, and while it is a personal process, it often takes the strong support of friends, family members, therapists and counselors to help a person prevent relapse after completing rehab. Setting up a strong aftercare program can ensure that those battling an addiction never have to feel that they are walking alone.

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