The proof is in the pudding: powerful lyrics, a comforting melody, some loving harmony, and dance-worthy rhythms. The right song heals any problem and – just one – turns around a mood in minutes. The soundtrack to your life matters.

After using drugs for however long, a rolling snowball may have gathered up some added issues (a breakup, getting fired, becoming out of shape) leaving behind a trail of further drug-yearning. The addict, lost in the jungle of the real world, has been floating above harsh environments for far too long. When sober, addicts are suddenly forced to wrestle the thick foliage that barricades them from walkable pathways. The time comes to change their life movie around: the soundtrack, the ending to make it happy, the love story to make it new – actions that can only be unfurled from within.

The Sanctuary of Music


Pick your poison and let it heal

So how do you find the right song for the wrong problem? Collect, keep an open ear, and start caring about your Itunes library. Make mood-appropriate playlists, and (this is something I recommend to everyone) buy good headphones – a worthy investment – an upscale pair of headphones lets every instrument of every song be heard in a whole new way. Worship music, be engulfed by it, and call your new blanketed home a temple – a sanctuary to be sane in.

The surest and purest way to escape (something we all long to do) is on a spaceship of elated emotion. Getting high is one way to float over the jungle, but not without dyer consequences, and not without the devilish sensations that follow.

Is there any feeling better than cherishing a song – a perfect song that speaks your feelings aloud – a therapy session where you are watching yourself on the couch? Or a song made for just letting go – one to get lost in – body and mind? Endorphins flurry like first snow, submersing you into a world belonging only to you. Eyes flash open, and, despite the other people crowding the subway and the first phone call of many vibrating in your pocket, with ear-enclosed headphones the irritating world opens up into something as tranquil as first snow.

Make playlists and run, walk, and work to them. Find songs that arouse constructive excitements: amusement, esteem, motivation, or courage. I’m scared of flying. I would have a panic attack every time the plane took off, until I coped with music. I blasted soothing Radiohead and Coldplay. Crashing didn’t seem possible with such beautiful songs ringing in my ears. This also applies to life.

Music and Coping


Music is not infantile, but infinite

We listen to music for an affirmation of feelings; our mindsets are justified when someone else’s relatable words and melodies run smoothly together. It’s not a matter of the song being happy or sad, but appreciating the underlying expressiveness. Music is a universal language, and speaks to all ages. I was at a farmer’s market only a few weeks ago and there was a folk band playing. In front of them was a 3-year-old boy hitting a drum, completely to the beat. The tiny toddler felt the rhythm and groove of the professional band, with a hardly developed brain, he was in sync.

Music is a puppeteer of the face and body; the urge to dance is the same one that provokes a smile.

There isn’t a clear-cut reason as to why music is a tidal wave of therapeutic relief. I mention the X factor often when referring to love – a true and palpable energy – the same one that emerges from music. Other studies associate music with feelings of tension and relaxation rather than elicited emotion, a theory coming from the anticipation of what will come next in a piece.

Music and Addiction

Art examines the self. Many musicians are addicts, they hum the pain of it. Eminem, Eric Clapton and others are now sober geniuses.

Maybe you’re scared. It is a jungle out there. I was scared of planes. So induce courage, use music as therapy. But don’t listen to the same music you got high to, it can instigate a relapse. Find fresh songs for fresh activities. If you don’t have time to make playlists I provided links below to websites that will help.


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