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Why Choose a 90-Day Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment?

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV and the internet for those expensive rehab centers for addiction treatment. Some of these addiction rehab centers claim that they can provide top-notch treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in as little as a month.

Effective rehab programs are more than fancy rehab treatment centers by the beach, more than just month-long vacations by the ocean. Quality, longer-lasting addiction treatment takes time. That’s why 90-day rehab programs could be right for you. Taking the needed time to rebound from the problems addiction has caused, or the underlying issues that lead to your addiction can not always be dealt with in 3-4 weeks.

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What Are the Advantages of 90-Day Rehab Treatment Programs?

90-day rehab treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction might be a good option for you since they:

  • Often include medical treatment options to help you thoroughly detox from alcohol and drug addiction
  • Offers different types of addiction therapy treatment and the time to truly dive into these treatments
  • Remove you from stressful environments that might be fueling your addiction long enough for cravings to be minimized
  • Find additional addiction treatment options and support once you leave the rehab centers

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t develop in one day or even a month. Why should rehab treatment programs last only thirty days as well?

What Are the Disadvantages of 90-Day Rehab Treatment Programs?

Some people might be afraid to attend 90-day addiction rehab programs because

  • Such rehab programs will take them away from their jobs and families. But some 90-day rehab facilities allow people to work during their treatment. Many 90-day programs allow you to stay in contact with your loved ones while you receive treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Some 90 day treatment centers are cell-phone and laptop friendly so patients can continue their work or school responsibilities.
  • They’re worried about the cost. Yes, 90-day rehab treatment can be expensive. But insurance providers and placement agencies like Elite Rehab Placement can help people receive the drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment they need and go to battle with your insurance company to maximize your benefits. Also the Family Medical Leave Act assures that employees will not lose their job will attending treatment for substance abuse.

Addiction is a life-altering condition that can turn your world upside down. 90-day rehab treatment programs can help restore the balance, as time heals all wounds.

Why Is 90-Day Rehab Better for Medical Reasons?

If you attend rehab programs, you have to address how your addiction to a drug or alcohol affects your body and mind. Both processes take time.

If you’ve been battling drug or alcohol addiction, your body has probably become dependent on such substances. If you stop using alcohol or a specific drug abruptly, it could be painful and even dangerous.

This is why it’s important to attend addiction rehab centers that offer detox, or medical treatment procedures that remove drugs or alcohol safely. Such 90-day rehab centers offer medications or monitoring to make the transition off drugs and alcohol safer and more comfortable.

90 day rehab centers offer nutritional education as well and inform patients on ways to restore the damage to the body that was done by addiction.

Rehab centers for addiction help you physically detox from alcohol or a drug, but you still have to undergo other addiction treatment afterward. Wouldn’t it be easier to stay in the same 90-day rehab instead of traveling from detox centers to rehab treatment centers and dealing with transportation and paperwork hassles?

A 90-day rehab with a premiere addiction treatment center gives you enough time to pursue the psychological treatment you need. As addiction has been known to cause mental disorders, 90 day rehabs give you proper amount of time to address these unique issues.

Once you detox from a drug or alcohol, you’ll address why you developed an addiction to such substances in the first place. That’s where rehab addiction counseling enters the picture.

During such treatment, therapists at rehab addiction centers can help you explore

  • Past traumatic experiences and gain closure
  • Reasons you used alcohol or drugs in the past
  • Triggers that might be tempting you to use in the present
  • Ways to avoid such temptations in the future with proper coping skills

As you can see, such rehab therapy addresses how addiction relates to your past, present, and future. You can’t discuss all of this in one or two therapy sessions, so 90-day rehab treatment centers provide more thorough analysis. Such 90-day rehab centers give you more time to explore addiction-related issues than shorter treatment programs.

90 Day Rehab Centers can Improve Your Quality of Life

Even if you successfully complete a 30-day rehab program you might relapse if you return to the same people and same conditions that triggered your past drug or alcohol addiction.

A 90-day stay in rehab removes you from those environment for longer periods, reducing your cravings for a longer period of time. Such rehab treatment centers give you more time to separate yourself from any triggers that spurred your drug or alcohol addiction.

90-day rehab centers also give you tools to help manage your addiction once you leave rehab. Such rehab treatment programs can direct you toward 12-step or other sober support groups that encourage sobriety. They can help you find other recovery support from drug or alcohol abuse.

Rehab treatment isn’t a vacation. It’s work. But 90-day rehab treatment programs can give you assistance to make this work the most meaningful of your life.

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