Faith and the battle against addiction is often a debatable topic. Many people who have successfully overcome addiction attribute determination, good treatment and faith to their success, but does it really help? Can you enjoy greater success at overcoming your addiction when you add strong faith to the mix?

While it does depend on your personal beliefs, many programs, such as popular 12 step programs, rely on a person’s faith in a “Higher Power” to help them on the road to recovery. Many people who have used a traditional treatment program successfully report that they didn’t have any type of faith before they started treatment, but that it doesn’t matter.

Faith-Based-RehabHow faith helps

Faith and the battle against addiction are often connected for many, because faith helps when things get really tough. We all worry about the future. We worry that we will not be successful or that life will be horrible without our substance or alcohol of choice. We worry that we will relapse and that our relationships will not be salvageable. All this worry can get pretty hard to carry.

Faith helps many to believe – just believe – that their Higher Power will make everything fall into place so that our recovery goes well. Additionally, we believe that our Higher Power will take our addiction away from us and carry it for us, so we don’t have to carry it anymore.

Faith allows us to see things from a kind, gentle place in our hearts so that we can begin a healthy healing process and overcome addiction for good.

How you can boost your faith

If you still aren’t convinced of the connection between faith and the battle against addiction, consider boosting your own faith to see if it helps you in your addiction recovery efforts. There are many ways to do this, and the beautiful thing about faith is that it doesn’t cost you anything to get more.

These are some of the more common ways that you can boost your faith:

  • If you belong to a church, consider seeking counseling through it. This is one excellent way for people to overcome their addiction with the help of their faith. Plus, you’ll have the support of your church to help you get though the worst times.
  • No matter whether you belong to a church or not, you might find that 12 step meetings help you to overcome your addiction. These traditional meetings are free and rely on faith, support and steps to help you overcome addiction and enjoy a clean and sober lifestyle.
  • Consider a faith based rehab program. If you feel comfortable with your belief in a Higher Power, and want to boost your faith, a faith based rehab program might help.

Faith and the battle against addiction are very connected for many. If you feel like you will be better able to overcome your addiction with the help of your Higher Power, a faith based program might be just what you need.